Goodbye to our old blog and hello to our new website!

I have some very interesting news for you lucky people.

First up, our website will be retired as our new website now has a wordpress blog built in and integrated into our news section and all future news will be published there making it a lot easier for me to release news without having to cut and paste it into multiple sites.
(For those people that still want to follow our blog its easy, you can subscribe here)

The next piece of important news is that our hosting has finally been upgraded to premium and our website is now very speedy and will have 99.9% up-time. That also means that our direct download links are back online (Yay, no more crappy file hosts) and hopefully our auto database will be back online soon too.

The final piece of good news is that I have finished working on my side project, the free games database. Its online now and available via my site here. Its a large database of quality free to play games that you can search and directly download from and you can even add your own games. So if you have some free time, check it out, you won’t be disappointed with the vast range of games you can play and all for free.

Well that’s it for now, hopefully I will have some GameManager updates soon and maybe even some beta files but for now stay tuned 🙂

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Edit Window Update – GameManager

Just another small update with the next part of the Edit Games Window

Shows the new database manager for Photon GameManager

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Hi all,

I finding it very hard to work on the project as my exams are coming up very soon however I haven’t stopped work altogether and here is just a little something to wet your appetite.

The new edit function of GameManager

This is the new Edit Window, it complements the other windows of game-manager and its main purpose is to allow you to edit games manually or update them via the online database and it helps by allowing you to filter via keyword and platform and has an assortment of ways to sorts the list. You will also notice that GameManager now has Icon support and the new Game Explorer replacement interface will probably look like this(but with a lot more buttons and features).

That’s all from me for now and comments on this new window/look are very much welcomed.

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Steam Breakthrough

Been researching new ways to add steam games to GameManager and I found a text file that lists all installed steam games so the next version of GM will feature auto add of all steam games unlike the current version.
Also preliminary sketches of the new interface of Database manager have been completed, now I just have to program it.

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I’m finding it hard to find the time for it at the moment due to increasing workload but fear not for progress is still being made. The first major update that I’ve been planning and testing out, is to switch the graphics engine in Frontend from blitz3d to irrlicht engine.
Another update I have planned in the works is a complete re-write of database manager (Yep another one) this is because it is still confusing for users to use.
My final update I have planned is to add a import from Game Explorer function from within Database manager.

To see more about this particular news story see:

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Welcome to my new Photon GameManager Blog.
Here you will find updates whenever new breakthroughs are made in the program or I have something to write about.

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